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pe & fitness classes

Here are the recordings of our Live PE and Fitness Classes, the videos are 30 minutes and have a variety of exercises  with 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds rest. Each video has different exercises for an all over workout for strength and cardio vascular fitness. 

Our Live PE Classes are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am and the latest 15 classes are saved down for you.

The videos do not require any equipment and are suitable for ALL the Family – children and adults so you can do the class together.   


Please ensure you have enough space before you begin the class and move anything out of way that could cause injury.

Always ensure you have permission from your GP before taking part in any form of exercise.

Monday pe 0405

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friday pe 0105

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Wednesday pe 2904

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Wednesday pe 0605

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monday pe 2704

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Wednesday pe 2204

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Monday pe 2004

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Friday pe 1704

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Friday pe 1004

Wednesday pe 1504